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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Importance Of Good Logo Design

First we must ask ourselves; what is the reason of having a logo design in the first place? Most obvious is the fact that it helps aid in branding a product, service, and company. It does its part to help market a website, to make an impression on consumers, and to give visitors the sense that they are working with a truly professional company.

How Logo Design and Branding Propel Websites to Success

Branding is a popular subject in marketing. It is one of the major building blocks of any company's marketing campaign. It is usually achieved through slogan, good logo design, name, or design. But what many company's neglect is the very thing that marketing depends on- excellence in company branding.

Branding a company gives several benefits. Mainly, it confirms credibility. Second-rate companies will likely not have the resources to hire web designers to brand their company. This also, in turn, creates visitor loyalty as a result of the good impression received from excellent branding.

Most importantly, branding can help influence a buyer phenomenally. A buyer who purchases a product from a friendly-looking and highly branded website is proven to make return visits to the same website before any others- even when prices may be lower elsewhere! This is best explained by the reasoning that it's better to pay more for something good than to pay less for something second-rate. Even if the product isn't second rate- the web design of the competitor company may be!

The Key to Great Logo Design

Actually getting a good logo design can be tough-
especially with all the options available. But as time goes on, it becomes increasingly apparent that the best logo designs are also some of the simplest in nature.

When you think of two golden arches, you probably think of McDonald's. Or if you think about an apple, you probably think about the Apple line of computers. Both examples show what simple logo designs can do for a company. If a consumer thinks about your line of computers each time they eat an apple, for example, you'll be surprised at how much bigger your sales will be as a result.

Also popular in logo design is to keep the amount of colors used in the design to a minimum. Complex logo designs, as discussed earlier, aren't always good for branding. Likewise, a large amount of colors won't be the best branding option a company can strive for. This is also makes printing shirts, letters, and even branding logos on coffee mugs much easier as a result.

But as standards change, so should company logos. Movements such as the Web 2.0 movement have created shiny and colorful logos. It isn't bad to take part in fads such as this (or revolutions as some call it), but keep in mind that some of the best logos that have stuck around through the decades are simple in nature and design.

Final Thoughts on Logo Design, Branding, and Marketing

It's hard to believe that a small image file can be so beneficial (or catastrophic) to a company. It helps aid in branding, sales, and customer loyalty so investing in a good web design and logo could mean all the difference in sales and potential sales. It is highly recommended that if you own your own website that proper branding be done through logos- as your success could depend on it.


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